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Because you are far away and it is seasonal offer and it is the world bokers, there are who looking for who pays more and us here to help you to decide, what you want by fast and directly.

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And before the world coming to us, we shere with him the property offers and We contribute and we get up to Submit special services from makkah to the hole world.

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We will try to be the best website to give you the best experience including to our services and facilities during haj season.

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“The website is better dedicated for Hajj season only and we need the process of service and demand supply with an easy understanding language”

Aqeel Abu khailDirector of Nazeel Hotel Group

“I hope the website will be special add in this year thank you”

Mohamed Ali
Director of Al Hedaya Hotel

“The website beautiful and stylish I’m think that will helping hajj offices in out said makkah and helping property owner in makkah .. good luck to you”

Abdullah Al-MuslahGeneral Manager of Orient Hotels

“When I’m browsing the website I see Your attention in tiny details which makes the customer interested .. you are awesome”

Ahmed Al FawwazOwner and Founder of Ciraa Real Estate

Recently Added Properties

255 Rooms 1287 Persons 2,000 SAR/Person 1 Rating
605 Rooms 2552 Persons 5,000 SAR/Person 2 Rating
57 Rooms 189 Persons 2,000 SAR/Person

If you are the owner of licensed property of hajj so the way easier to Offer your property offer it with what you have of details .. we will review your request and we contact to be ready for HajjZ

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